Lanka Ballooning (Pvt) Ltd is a fully licensed operator and approved by the CAASL (Civil Aviation Authority of Sri Lanka) affiliated to Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation and relevant ministries to operate Hot Air Balloon Rides in Sri Lanka.


As an investment of Uluer Group Companies, Lanka Ballooning (Pvt) Ltd (Sri Lanka Balloon) established in 2016 after years of research and Hot Air Ballooning experience in different countries for more than 15 years. Mahmut Sami Uluer (GM) also contributes greatly to diplomatic, commercial and cultural relations between the two countries as an Honorary Consul General of Sri Lanka to Turkey.


We own and operate 2 Hot Air Balloons, each carrying Sri Lanka Balloon design and designated entirely for passenger carrying use. We have the capacity to carry 26 passengers at the same time.

Lanka Ballooning Company About Sri Lanka Balloon Uluer Group

Our pilots, crew and office staff are fully qualified and highly experienced. All have many years of experience.

Uluer Group (as owner of 2 largest balloon companies in Turkey and largest balloon company in Sri Lanka) setted a record by increasing the number of balloons in its fleet to 18 and the passenger capacity to over 300.

Our Principles

  • Safety First

  • Top Level Pilot Skills

  • Top Quality Equipment

  • Comply With Regulations


Our experienced Balloon Pilots will be very happy to take you an unforgettable journey over Sri Lanka. Our local reservation and operation officers also work hard to give you excellent service from beginning to end. 

Lanka Ballooning Turkish pilots hold Commercial Balloon Pilots License and validated by CAASL according to their experience and tested every year by the examiners of the Sri Lankan authorities. They have thousands of flight hours as professional commercial pilots.

Mahmut Sami Uluer Sri Lanka Balloon Pilot

Mahmut Sami Uluer

Managing Director | Chief Pilot | Attorney-at-Law

Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka to Turkey, Attorney-at-Law, Commercial & Instructor Balloon Pilot.

Graduated from Maltepe University (Istanbul), Faculty of Law.

After completing aviation courses in England, Spain, Russia and Turkey, became Private Pilot in 2007, Commercial Pilot in 2008 and Instructor Pilot in 2009. Worked as Examiner Pilot at Ministery of Transportation of Turkey, Directorate General of Civil Aviation. He has trained many pilots.

Worked as Commercial Pilot, Instructor Pilot, Chief Pilot, Flight Operations Manager, Ground Operations Manager at the World’s Largerst Fleet (18 Balloons) and World’s Larget Passenger Capacity: 300 Passengers per day.

Became Honorary Consul of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka in 2013. He has valuable works in the development of commercial and cultural relations between the two countries. As a result, has made a significant contribution to the country’s tourism potential and employment by bringing professional ballooning to Sri Lanka.

Has 1000+ hours of flight experience with hot air balloons in 15+ years. Has been working for many years in ballooning and aviation.

Flown with many different brands and models of balloons from 1 Person (Pilot Only/ Solo Balloon) up to 32 Passengers + 2 Pilots (World’s Largest Balloon) in many locations.

Certified Maintenance Technician of Lindstrand Balloons(UK) and Ultramagic Balloons(Spain).

Scuba Diver, First Aid Expert,

Sancho Gonzalez Green Balloon Pilot

Sancho Gonzalez Green


Sancho Gonzalez-Green, born in Madrid on 27/02/1974, Is the son of Jesus Gonzalez-Green, the pioneer of modern Aerostation in Spain, who taught his son Sancho about the wonderful world of flying in hot air balloons since he was a little boy. Sancho had his first hot air balloon adventure when he was only 1 year old. At the age of 5 he flied frequently and started to master hot air balloons on his own; when he was 8 years old he was already well known in the aerostation world as “Pequeño Piloto” (Little Pilot).

When Sancho was 8 years old he turned into a real pilot when he carried out his first jump, a free short 10 minute ride, completely by himself.
Sancho was invited by Steven Forbes (Forbes Magazine) to participate in a hot air balloon festival in Normandy, where 30 of the best pilots in the world flew special shaped balloons: Harley Davidson, Beethoven, etc.. In 1992 Sancho participated in the Spanish Gran Prix 92 as official pilot of the “Pabellón de España” (Spanish Pavilion) Balloon. Flights in Seville, Madrid and Barcelona with a total of 100 participant. In 1993, he participated in the yearly hot air balloon festival in Gijón.

When he was 20 years old, in 1994, he was already flying passenger balloons of 180 thousand cubic feet with capacity for 8 passengers plus the pilot.

Worked as a Commercial Balloon Pilot in Spain, Egypt, Namibia and Turkey (Our sister company Discovery Balloons).

Other Adventures:  Hot air balloon as BASE jump for parachutists (approximately 25). Sancho has licences to fly: Hang Glider, Paramotor, Ultra-Light motors and gliders. (Total of 500 hours). He holds army diving license (250 hours), enjoys windsurf, fly surf, buggies sailing, bungee jumping and power kites

Languages: Native Spanish, high level in English, low level in French & Turkish.

Imran Lanka Ballooning


Reservation & Operation Manager

Imran was born and raised in Sri Lanka. After a few years of operational experience in the Gulf countries, he started working for Lanka Ballooning.

Imran manages the operational program in the best way by working in coordination with clients, travel agencies, hotels and tourist guides.

He speaks English, Sinhala, Tamil, Arabic, Hindi and Malayalam.


As Lanka Ballooning, we spare no expense in the purchase our balloons. We work with two of the world’s most prestigious balloon manufacturers: Lindstrand Balloons in the UK and Ultramagic Balloons from Spain. Our baskets are designed for VIP use and all of our balloons incorporate the latest design and safety features.

# 1

Registration: 4R-ULR

Own and Operate by: Lanka Ballooning (Pvt) Ltd

Passenger Capacity: 16+1

Manufacturer: Lindstrand

Production Place: UK

Lanka Ballooning Pvt Ltd 4R-BLN Sri Lanka Balloon Uluer Group

# 2

Registration: 4R-BLN

Own and Operate by: Lanka Ballooning (Pvt) Ltd

Passenger Capacity: 10+1

Manufacturer: Lindstrand

Production Place: UK


Transport to and from your hotel is provided in our luxury company vehicles.

Lanka Ballooning Uluer Group Sri Lanka Balloon Vehicle Fleet


We work with the very best. We are proud of our partners / related organizations, who serve us to deliver the best experience.


Lanka Ballooning operates Sri Lanka Balloon Rides accordingly international and local authorities.